"Be as great in action as you were in thought" 

W. Shakespeare  


High Share Holding S.p.A. adopts the following business model:  

  • scouting 

  • rating 

  • due diligence  

  • legal, fiscal and financial analysis; 

  • business plan definition. 

Once completed this preliminary assessment, High Share Holding S.p.A. defines the club deal of shareholders and invites them to invest a certain equity stake in the project.  

Asset management has a key role: High Share Holding S.p.A., in fact, through its operating channels and its structure, as well as through its partners, aims to professionally carry out the business plan agreed with the investors. 

Within the real estate sector, High Share Holding S.p.A. is mainly interested in fractionating deals in the Italian biggest cities. This type of deals guarantees rapid cash flow and limited immobilization of financial resources. High Share Holding S.p.A., however, also considers investing in non-performing loans, UTP, touristic assets, trading opportunities, and core plus investments, always bringing high added value in the conception and construction of the investment and aiming to achieve a rapid turnaround of the portfolio.

Within the M&A and corporate industry, High Share Holding S.p.A. is interested in taking over companies facing particular turnarounds, phases of international development or generational transfers, which, therefore, need qualified managerial and financial skills. 

The distinctive features of High Share Holding S.p.A. are the following:

  • capability to manage complex deals, structuring them from scratch and bringing essential skills to the table;

  • capability to identify technical solutions and to optimize the financial profiles of the investment in order to be more competitive in submitting purchase offers and in matching the sellers’ expectations;

  • an entrepreneurial mentality not simply focused on maximizing profit, but rather on achieving stability of cash flows, reducing volatility and managing uncertainties in the best way possible;

  • a firm and well-identified growth project.  


• Reliability: resulting from a detailed due diligence, analysis and evaluation of the initiative. 

• Safety: resulting from a “scientific” market knowledge and assessment. 

• Rapidity: every deal must be organized with the correct timing. . 

• Profitability: target investments need to be more profitable than comparable deals with the same level of risk.