“Arrogance means feeling superior to others. Self-esteem means not feeling inferior to anyone "

G. Agnelli   


High Share Holding S.p.A. aims to align the interests of managers, shareholders, operating team and board of directors. Our leadership is inspired by the following corporate governance principles: 

  • transparency, trust, open-mindedness;

  • shareholders’-oriented strategy and maximum focus on corporate results;

  • creation of economic value in the medium-long term based on a shared project;

  • risk optimization thanks to the predominant role covered by risk management.

High Share Holding S.p.A. has an organizational structure allowing for an adequate division of roles, responsibilities and powers, and adopts, in compliance with the principles set out above, governance policies aimed at ensuring correct and efficient performance of its business. High Share Holding S.p.A., in fact, ensures timely and transparent information of its shareholders through newsletters and through the regular disclosure of financial reports. 

High Share Holding S.p.A. has a code of conduct for management and for the board of directors that promotes not only responsible but also ethical decision-making processes.

We are inspired by the constant remembrance of our roots and by the key figures who have supported us over the years, including Dr. Luigi Capuano, a banker, institutional man, but, above all, a real gentleman.




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