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High Share Holding S.p.A. was born in 2015, as a result of a long maturation process. This experience led to the meeting between consolidated professional skills from the world of banking, management, enterprise, consulting and legal.

These professional skills have proven to be, during the elaboration of the project, extremely complementary and synergistic toward the common goal: the creation of an holding company that could work as an Investment & Management Company, addressed mainly to the Italian market and operating in different business areas, but distinctly attracted by the real estate and turistic market.

A young reality, having its basis on solid and mature successful experiences and therefore strongly reliable. High Share Holding S.p.A. is now able to present itself as a leading independent operator specialized in the enhancement of real estate portfolios that can also offer a winning combination of ideas and integrated services for assistance and / or managerial advice.

All this is possible thanks to this distinctive business model and to the importance of the professional histories of the figures that our company aggregates.