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The management and investment company “High Share Holding S.p.A.” partecipates these companies:


  • RATING IMMOBILIARE AA S.r.l. Real estate trade

  • IDEARE S.r.l. Real estate agency

  • CMF Production S.r.l. Real estate trade and advisory

  • GOLDEN SHARE INVESTMENT S.r.l. Real estate trade

  • HIGH SHARE CONSULTING S.r.l. Credit and insurance advisory

  • STUDIO LEGALE MONTI Law firm and consulting

  • ARKUS NETWORK S.r.l. Services and holding company

  • Travel Partners World S.r.l. Tour operator

  • Partours S.p.A. Tour operator (Best tours)

  • Marco Polo S.r.l. (Metamondo) Tour operator

  • Gioco Viaggi S.r.l. Tour operator

  • Amanda Tours S.p.A. Tour operator